Albino Shar Pei

have been breeding for over 30 years and have the top winning dogs of rare colors in the breed. Only 2 times in the history of the breed has an isabella won our national specialty and both are mine. I also have the only lilac champions.

A cream dilute should have a light lavendar mouth and tongue color. I have more cream dilute champions than any other breeder. so a cream dilute has no black pigment anywhere on the body- foot pads, nose, etc.
They do have a pinkish face but a light purple tongue. A cream(light the one we spoke about) will have a dark nose and points. My creams from the blue lines have dark blue points.
An isabella is a light color(some are darker than others) but has no yellow to the coat - more of a taupe or Khaki color. They can be dilute or have pigment.

It is hard to explain but often the colors are shaded on puppies. This will sound really strange, but if the head and legs are the same color and the body is somewhat different 

whether it is lighter or darker the adult color is usually the color of the head and legs.
Last updated on 11/14/2010
Owner: Dianna Barefoot

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