One of the reasons that my prices are higher than most is that I invest a substantial amount in my kennel facilities.  I probably spend as much if not more than a lot of people do on their own homes.  I am not wealthy but have the privilege of being able to put all of my "dog" money back into my dogs. 

My puppies are in my home until they need need more room and a large yard to be able to exercise.  At that point, they move into a separate puppy building, with their own doggie door and no adults to compete with.  They get lots of love and attention from my three grandchildren. 

The puppy room has tile floors and walls about five feet up, which makes my thorough daily cleaning possible.  They of course have a climate controlled environment and the ability to run and play at will. 

My adult dogs have a separate kennel building with indoor/outdoor runs, heat and air conditioning.

AKC inspects the facilities of all their registered breeders, I received the coveted gold star award on my most recent inspection.  The inspection includes not only the physical facilities, but also the health and registration records of all the animals in my care and all the puppies I have sold.
Last updated on 11/14/2010
Owner: Monica Chang
"Photo by Bruce G. Holcomb. Our family was searching for a pet quality Shar-Pei and found our perfect little guy at Baggins Kennels! Aesthetically he was beautiful, his blue-green eyes gorgeous, his apricot coat soft with lots of wrinkles…but most impressive to us was his temperament. Such a loving, sweet puppy, very smart and bonded immediately to our family. He became housebroken quickly learning how to ring his bell to go outside by 9 weeks. His eagerness and ability to learn commands is amazing and understands 6 hand signals at 3 months old. He’s full of love and is the love of our lives! We couldn’t be happier with Baggins Kennels that they offer such high quality Shar-Peis. They seem to breed for temperament, health and intelligence whether you’re looking for show or pet quality. It’s tempting to add another to our family!"

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