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How to get a Baggins Shar-Pei Puppy


I carefully screen new owners. I believe my puppies deserve safe, healthy and happy environments. Before I consider allowing one of my puppies to enter your home, I will spend some time getting to know you and the environment the puppy will be living in.

Puppy Selection

This process may take a while, and I urge new owners not to rush it. This usually involves several discussions about what you are interested in and serveral rounds of pictures and videos of available puppies. I want to be confident that the right puppy is matched to the right home.


A sample contract is available for your review. I do require a signed contract before I will accept payment or deliver a puppy.


I require verified funds before I will ship or release any puppies. See payment details for more information.

Health Certification

My vet does a thorough exam on every puppy before shipping. In most cases, the vet certifies the puppy to be healthy and issues a health certificate. If the vet finds a health problem, the type of problem determines how we proceed. For communicable diseases (Shar-Pei get colds, too!) we wait for the dog to recover before shipping. For more serious issues, we will discuss our options. I usually substitute a similar healthy puppy in these cases, but a full refund or a discounted price are also available options. I also include records of vaccinations that I have given to the puppy.


I ship counter-to-counter service. I prefer American Airlines when possible. Puppies handle this service very well and are never sedated. This service ensures a shorter trip and better care for the puppies. To pick up your puppy, you must have a valid ID and an airbill number I will provide when the puppy is shipped. Some buyers prefer to fly in and pick up the puppy. Puppies can usually be carried in the passenger cabin in a carry-on designed for this purpose.

First Days

The first few days with a new puppy are an important bonding and adjustment period. I am happy to offer my 30 years of experience as a breeder to help with any issues that come up during this crucial time (or later, for that matter). Many owners call me for advice on socialization when there are other animals in the house. Each case is different, but I have developed quite a few helpful tips and techniques over the years. The puppy is paper trained at this point, and most people that get my puppies say they have no accidents in the house.


Most contracts include a spay/neuter agreement. This simple operation is performed by your vet after you receive your puppy.

AKC Registration

AKC registration papers certify the pedigree of your new puppy. Once I have confirmation of the spaying/neutering, I provide the AKC registration paperwork.

Your Next Puppy

Next, most owners call to tell me how much they love their new puppy and to see what new litters I have on the way!

Baggins Guarantee

Finally, in the unlikely event that a serious genetic health problem occurs within the first two years, I will replace the dog.

Last updated on 11/14/2010
Owner: Chantell Rust, Bill Rust
"People can't get over how cute she is!"

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