I am in Texas but my puppies go all over the world.

They do not like heat, but as long as they are house pets it does not matter what the temperature outside is.


  • New owners can pick up their puppies at my home in Arlington, TX.
  • Schedule permitting, I will drive up to a couple of hours to meet you halfway.
  • Some owners prefer to fly in and pick up their puppies personally. The puppies are usually small enough to fit into a specially designed carry-on bag. (Be warned! Baggins Shar-Pei puppies can attract a LOT of attention from other travelers.)


  • I ship from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
  • The shipping cost on American Airlines priority parcel will be about $250 per dog crate.
  • Puppies that are 6 months or younger and weigh less than 30 lbs. each can travel in the same crate.
  • The puppies are flown to their new homes via American Airlines priority counter to counter service.
  • Puppies handle this service very well and are never sedated.
  • This service ensures a shorter trip and better care for the puppies.
  • I fly puppies all the time and they usually get off the plane and are giving kisses.
  • To pick up your puppy, you must have a valid ID and an airbill number I will provide when the puppy is shipped.
  • Food is withheld just prior to flying so the puppy will not have to go to the bathroom in the crate. So it's important to let the puppy relieve itself, eat and drink as soon as possible.

Last updated on 11/14/2010
Owner: Michael and Jan O'Connor
"Our 2 yr. old Isabella that I bought from you almost 2 yrs. ago now is PERFECT in every way"

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