As an elite show kennel, our focus is on improving the Baggins bloodline and the quality of the Shar-Pei breed in general.

I carefully select each breeding pair in an attempt to improve various genetic traits: either to strengthen desirable traits or to eliminate negative ones.  Many of the traits I am targeting are recessive, which means they may be carried but not apparent in any given dog.  By tracking the traits in the parents and offspring of each Shar-Pei, I build up a pretty good estimate of who carries what.  I can then use this to choose breeding pairs in an attempt to combine the best traits in a single individual.

I choose very few dogs from each generation to continue in my breeding and showing program: only those who may be an improvement over the previous generation.  Many of the dogs who do not make the cut are excellent in almost every way: often being good enough to become champions in their own right.  I sell all of these dogs.  I do not keep any just to produce more puppies.  Several have gone to overseas Shar-Pei kennels to become the foundation of new bloodlines there.

Last updated on 11/14/2010
Owner: Karen Anderson
"Every time we walk them or they are with us in the car people will literally stop and ask us to pet them and then tell us how sweet they are."

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