Fully Grown Shar Pei

Three sizes of Shar-Pei are generally recognized: Standard, Miniature and Toy. The adult size is primarily determined by genetics. Puppy size, especially at younger ages, is a poor predictor of adult size. Some puppies grow earlier than others and some continue growing longer.

If you are looking for a miniature or toy Shar-Pei, I would strongly suggest that you purchase an older puppy from a reputable breeder. Some unethical breeders will deliberately underfeed puppies in an attempt to sell standard dogs as miniature or toy sizes. Not only will these puppies eventually reach standard sizes when provided with proper nutrition, they may also have lingering health effect from early malnourishment.

Never be in a hurry to purchase a puppy from anyone. A reputable breeder will appreciate a prospective buyer taking their time to be sure they pick exactly the right puppy for their family.

Last updated on 11/14/2010
Owner: Monica Chang
"Photo by Bruce G. Holcomb. Our family was searching for a pet quality Shar-Pei and found our perfect little guy at Baggins Kennels! Aesthetically he was beautiful, his blue-green eyes gorgeous, his apricot coat soft with lots of wrinkles…but most impressive to us was his temperament. Such a loving, sweet puppy, very smart and bonded immediately to our family. He became housebroken quickly learning how to ring his bell to go outside by 9 weeks. His eagerness and ability to learn commands is amazing and understands 6 hand signals at 3 months old. He’s full of love and is the love of our lives! We couldn’t be happier with Baggins Kennels that they offer such high quality Shar-Peis. They seem to breed for temperament, health and intelligence whether you’re looking for show or pet quality. It’s tempting to add another to our family!"

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