Shar Pei Dog Names

This is a list of our AKC champions as of 2009.

Prior to the recognition of the Shar-Pei breed by the AKC in 1992, Shar-Pei champions were registered with the Chinese Shar-Pei Club of America. We are working to digitize more than 10 years worth of records from that era.

Dog Name RegNo Birth Date
Baggins Alla Cream NM65577302 11/23/1995
Baggins Ben There Done That NP01797602 4/15/2002
Baggins Catch Me If You Can NP01790801 10/28/2002
Baggins Charge It Til Peiday NM78577301 2/17/1998
Baggins Charged To The Max NM84718904 9/11/1999
Baggins Claire Voyant NP01173405 9/30/2002
Baggins Classic Snow Job NM41162804 4/16/1992
Baggins Code Of Honor NM84718804 9/19/1999
Baggins Desigen Patent Pepa NM48293507 4/19/1993
Baggins Dresden Dahl NM48293504 4/19/1993
Baggins Forever Fannie NM48293501 4/19/1993
Baggins Full Throttle NP09496804 4/9/2005
Baggins George's Girl NP08200203 11/17/2004
Baggins Honor Guard NM84718805 9/19/1999
Baggins Hooligan Maplestone NM88734301 8/25/2000
Baggins I B Da Man NM87921301 8/19/2000
Baggins I Did It My Way NP01977802 10/26/2002
Baggins Kim Gary NM37819711 5/14/1991
Baggins Kiss Me Kate NM45460202 11/6/1992
Baggins Lock N Load NP17067001 3/29/2007
Baggins Luvz Me Luvz Me Not NM89650702 9/24/2000
Baggins Main Event NM65475203 1/17/1996
Baggins Matter Of Honor NM84718604 10/20/1999
Baggins Maximum Charge NM91176001 2/16/2001
Baggins Old Blue Eyes NP01977801 10/26/2002
Baggins Queen Of The Blues NM90374901 1/19/2001
Baggins Scarlet Kisses NM80712501 10/27/1998
Baggins Scarlett Angel NM46648603 10/27/1992
Baggins Shot In The Dark NM37862301 5/31/1991
Baggins Sophisticated Guy NM76322503 11/9/1997
Baggins Sophistication NM36701202 5/21/1989
Baggins Star Warrior Chewbaca NM44719302 5/30/1992
Baggins Strykupthbandvisions NM54125701 4/7/1994
Baggins Sweet Pea NM61821404 7/5/1995
Baggins Texas Ranger NM80916404 10/12/1998
Baggins Tickle My Fancy NM76266504 11/22/1997
Baggins Tickled Pink NM74157805 8/1/1997
Baggins Victoria's Secret NP09496805 4/9/2005
Baggins Willie Special Event NM80710902 10/2/1998
Baggins Zaksa Hunka Sugar NM46648602 10/27/1992
Bagginssilver Lining NM82893002 3/14/1999
Cameo Red Rodeo At Baggins NM73724202 5/22/1997
China Diamonds China Doll Sa NM52985901 10/14/1993
Grayland's Carbon Copy NM59309601 11/28/1994
Kimshingo's Five-O-One Genes NM48159702 4/23/1993
Kimshingo's The Bookmaker NM41289201 7/15/1992
Mi-Wei Renegade Of Baggins NM73406505 4/27/1997
Mstar O'Malley Lymojo NM62081305 6/14/1995
Peiday's One In A Million NM68163201 6/19/1996
R-Lee Something Extra Special NM80152101 10/31/1998
Last updated on 11/14/2010
Owner: Peggy Kensi
"I don't know what I would have done without you! Winkie was such a gift and Sophie and Punkin are just the sweetest girls. It's great knowing I will always have such wonderful Shar Pei babies."

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