Shar Pei Size

Three sizes of Shar-Pei are generally recognized: Standard, Miniature and Toy. The adult size is primarily determined by genetics. Puppy size, especially at younger ages, is a poor predictor of adult size. Some puppies grow earlier than others and some continue growing longer.

If you are looking for a miniature or toy Shar-Pei, I would strongly suggest that you purchase an older puppy from a reputable breeder. Some unethical breeders will deliberately underfeed puppies in an attempt to sell standard dogs as miniature or toy sizes. Not only will these puppies eventually reach standard sizes when provided with proper nutrition, they may also have lingering health effect from early malnourishment.

Never be in a hurry to purchase a puppy from anyone. A reputable breeder will appreciate a prospective buyer taking their time to be sure they pick exactly the right puppy for their family.

Last updated on 11/14/2010
Owner: Jim and Lisa Pendergrass
"Sebastian just wanted to say hello on his 1 year birthday! As you can see, he is one gorgeous puppy, and we love him dearly. Thanks for adding such joy to our lives."

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