Shar Pei Dogs For Sale

A typical Baggins Shar-Pei puppy:

  • Distinguished Baggins bloodline
  • Great Health
  • Heavy Wrinkling
  • Gentle Disposition
  • Very Smart
  • Very Clean
  • Very Addictive
  • 3 to 8 Months Old
  • House Trained
  • Fully Vaccinated
  • Well Muscled and Developed
  • Great with children of all ages
  • The ultimate family dog
  • Large head with an extremely padded muzzle, stocky and quite wrinkled.
  • Comes with the Baggins Guarantee

Each breeding I do is for the show ring, so in order to try and select the best puppy for show I like them to be 3-8 months old. This is very different for those that are just breeding puppies to sell them. It takes a lot more work and cost to do this but it is worth the effort for me and the new owner.

These puppies are now using a dog door so even if you decide on one of the younger ones they are housetrained already.

I let my puppies run all they want to build muscle and develop.

My puppies are usually pretty plain when they are young and just get better as they age - more bone and breed type.

Last updated on 11/14/2010
Owner: Kim and Tom McNurlin
"He is so amazing, exactly as you described him! "

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