Shar Pei Ear Problems

  1. Fill the Shar-Pei's ear canal with ear cleaner, holding the head to prevent the dog immediately shaking it out.
  2. Massage ears a bit to get the cleaner down into the base of the ear.
  3. At this point, I usually bath the dog to give the cleaner a chance to work.
  4. Flush the ear canal with a soft rubber bulb aspirator like those used to suction a baby's nose.
  5. Flush all the ear cleaner out of the ear with warm water.
  6. Continue to flush until the liquid coming out of the ear is clean.
  7. Put the following solution in the ear to act as a drying agent and deter yeast:
    • 2 parts white vinegar (to kill yeast)
    • 1 part rubbing alcohol (to dry ear)
    (If you do not follow an ear cleaning with this mixture, an ear infection is very likely.)
  8. Hold the Shar-Pei's headĀ for 30 secondsĀ to prevent shaking.
  9. Your dog will continue shake its ears out for a few hours. This is normal.

There are occasionally Shar-Pei that do better with no ear cleaning. If you suspect this is the case, feel free to call and discuss this with me.

Last updated on 11/14/2010
Owner: James Epley
"We can't believe how smart he is, he can already sit, shake (paw), speak, crawl and even though he is still little, he is able to use the ramp next to our bed and can open the doggie door to the back yard by himself."

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