Shar Pei Fever

I have very good quality shar-pei, but no perfect ones. No one does. There are no perfectly clean bloodlines. Even those that have not had shar-pei fever in many generations could still produce it. I can tell you that I have many, many repeat buyers over the past 30+ years. Even though I cannot guarantee that an individual dog will be perfectly healthy, I do guarantee that I will replace your dog if a genetic problem appears in the first two years.


Some Shar-Pei can have inhalant allergies, which are easily treated with over the counter human benedryl. Signs are itchy skin, runny nose, runny eyes, ear issues. These usually only occur with high pollen count. I recommend 50 mg benedryl per 40 lbs of dog, twice daily. In extreme cases, every 8 hours may be necessary.

Benedryl is safe for any age and can be used for prolonged periods with no ill results.

Shar-Pei Fever

This is not something to expect, but you need knowledge to know how to deal with it. Untreated, this can lead to renal failure. People think this is a death sentence, but by itself this is not critical. Intermittant fevers can be uncomfortable, but do not shorten the life of the dog. If treated properly with a fever reducer, the dog should recover with no ill effects. Most dogs will never have a fever, but some will run them intermittently throughout their lives. Some people believe that stress is a factor.

A swollen appendage is often an indication that there are kidney issues involved. In this case, a consultation with a veterinarian is important.

Their are medications for this if the vet feels it is necessary.

For more information on Shar-Pei fever and other Shar-Pei health topics, I recommend you take a look at this information from veterinarian Linda Tintle.

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